Are you ready to finally step into your greatness,
heal your wealth consciousness, and POP into making 6-figures
in a profitable, playful, portable biz that lights you up inside?

Dear Fellow JFDI* Warrior Goddess!

If you're reading this, I know you have a burning desire in your heart to transform your life and biz NOW, and to do whatever it takes to:

  • bring your big mission into the world through a biz that supports your own dreams and transforms the lives of others…
  • stop standing frustrated on the sidelines as you watch other entrepreneurs live the lifestyle and destiny of freedom and abundance that YOU were born for…
  • charge what you are really worth, own your value in your bones, and make the money that will totally transform reality for you and your family…
  • have a biz you can run joyfully from anywhere on the planet, with plenty of time for romance, family and travel, while still earning a 6 figure income…
  • come into a new, joyful and passionate relationship with money where you know you are always supported and provided for

But as a solopreneur, you’ve been trying to do it all yourself, spinning your wheels, and you get easily sidetracked by confusion, overwhelm and the lack of a clear plan.  

You’ve been struggling to bring in the money you want even when you work like a dog, because of past programming that tells you on some level that you can’t create wealth, are ‘bad with money” or don’t deserve it.

You lack the clarity in your biz that would give you the confidence to really market yourself, even though you know you really help the clients that you do serve.

If you’re honest, you’re wondering if you really have what it takes to command higher fees or be seen as then expert in your field.

You’re doing everything you know how to do, but you are NOT making the money you want or even seeing a clear path to your success anymore (if you ever did).

You know others blame the economy, but you also know that’s just an excuse.

And you’re so OVER running after the latest new course or techie gimmick looking for that “magic pill” that will turn things around.  Because deep inside, you know that it’s YOU who has to change and do something radically different to start seeing different results in your life and biz.

I've been there…and so have so many of my heart-centered clients!! There is no way around it -- you just have to take that leap of faith. I know how scary it is, but I also know that all the BIG rewards you desire are just on the other side of that fear!  

That's why I’ve made it my life’s work to help heart-centered women entrepreneurs like you make that leap heal their wounded child and their wealth consciousness, (WC1 and WC2)  and POP their biz into the 6-figure entity that supports a life of fun, family, travel -- and transformation!

Sound like paradise? Trust me, it IS – and with the right support it can happen so much sooner than you think!

Want to get started?
Join me for a complimentary
"Journey to Paradise" Discovery Session.


When you apply, you’ll get the chance to speak with me one-on-one. I’ve built myself a multiple 6-figure business that lets me rock my gifts to make a HUGE difference for my clients, all while getting to live in a real-life paradise-on-earth in Hawaii 3 months out of the year, and creating unforgettable moments with my hubby and kids. I know that you’d like to create YOUR paradise life and biz too – and it’s totally possible! So let's talk about exactly how you can get there..

In our Journey to Paradise Discovery Session, we'll get real about where you’re at right now , and uncover all those scary, hairy roadblocks –the ones that show and the ones between your ears! – that have been keeping you stuck and standing between you and your entrepreneurial bliss.

Once we've taken an honest look at the current state of your biz and your psychology, I’ll give you my professional feedback on what I see you could do to overcome your obstacles and POP your biz in the shortest possible time to its most profitable, playful and portable BEST!

My outcome for this sacred session is to help you get 100% clear on your mission and vision for your biz, identify the most important things for you to be working on going forward, recharge your passion and get you “on FIY-YAHHH!” for what your business and life “paradise” could look like.

If I see that you’re a fit, I can tell you a bit more about my Journey to Paradise Sacred Mastermind.

I designed this exclusive mastermind program in two membership tiers : The “Firestarter” Membership for those gearing up and taking an early leap of faith, and The “Rainmaker” Tier – limited to only 5 3--for more established biz owners who are ready to jump to the next level. 

Each tier contains just what you need in terms of ongoing loving support, expert guidance and mentoring from me, an inspiring and hand-picked community of enlightened peers, all the right just-in-time resources and more – everything to help you need to create the business and life of your dreams in record time.

And, since you know me, you know you can also expect some unique surprises and awesome experiences along the way, too! (I promise you, this is NOT your grandma’s mastermind!)

IMPORTANT: Space for these sessions, and in the program, are strictly limited! Even if you already feel intuitively that the Journey to Paradise Mastermind is for you, the only way to enroll is by scheduling a discovery session with me from this page. This is to make it fair for everyone, and to make sure that you are a fit for the group and that the program is right for you too.

Please apply now if you’d like to explore your
Journey to Paradise with me and
start drawing your own personal roadmap.

Just enter your information in the secure form below. I will be reviewing applications and if your application is approved,  my team will contact you to schedule your Journey to Paradise discover session.

“Yes! I’m jumping at the chance to meet privately
with Amanda on the phone in my complimentary
Journey to Paradise Discovery Session.”

Please fill out the form below. On the following page, you’ll see an application for your session, and then a brochure about the Firestarter and Rainmaker Tiers of the Journey To Paradise Mastermind program.


Amanda MoxleyI look forward to meeting you in our sacred session.
In the meantime, remember to JFDI!*

(* JFDI= Just F’in DO IT!! )

Check out what these other Journey To Paradise Women have to say about the magic happening in the program!



Ashley WeltonI chose to invest in myself with Amanda Moxley as my guide because I have a great vision for my business, and I'm not looking to take the long path to achieve it. Having the right mentor can mean the difference between an arduous solo struggle and an energized and supported ascent. Her attitude, her aptitude, and her utter joy for helping other's succeed made it an easy decision. I highly recommend Amanda's coaching to every heart-centered entrepreneur who has a driven, free spirited, and hell yes attitude about their business and their life.

Ashley Welton
Creative Copywriter + Brand Anthropologist



“For the last five years, I’ve been steadily building my little design and letterpress business, Green Quince. Yet, despite how hard I worked, I kept feeling like I was coming up against barriers that kept me from being as successful and fulfilled as I wanted to be. I knew there had to be a better way, but I was struggling to find it.

While attending “Pop Your Biz Live” and learning from Amanda, I felt a shift in my perceptions about money and success. I was energized and had a renewed sense of passion for my work. I found myself letting go of my old money story and embracing a new mindset. New ideas and inspiration started pouring in, and I decided on a new business direction that I had only previously dreamt of pursuing. 

When Amanda invited us to join the Journey to Paradise coaching program, I knew I wanted to be a part of that, and I decided to make the investment in myself. Amanda’s energy and compassion are true gifts, and I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to work with her over the next nine months. With Amanda’s coaching and mentorship, I know that I will not only reach my goals, but I will do it with integrity and joy.”

Jennifer Merrill
C.E.O., Ink Mixer and Design Maven




"I love Amanda's style!  She is open, honest and real and easy to communicate with. Above all she keeps everything fun!  She has been where I am now and I am inspired by her success story!  She is living the life that I have been dreaming about living for years.  When I heard her story, there was no doubt that she was the person sent to me to help me on my journey to achieve my huge goals and dreams.  She's already been there and done it!  I've always known I was meant for something big in life and she believes in her peeps wholeheartedly and gives me the confidence and belief that I can do it!  I never feel better or more inspired and motivated than after a phone call or class with her.  In just four months of working with her I've already noticed changes in my body, my home environment, my relationships, my happiness, my confidence,  and my feelings about money.  I can't wait to see where the next nine months of coaching with her takes me and my business!" 

Teresa Duttinger
Holistic Health Coach




"Within the first month of working together, I went from receiving less than $1,000 a month to making a $5,000 month!!!"

Five months ago, I came to Amanda terrified, stuck, in lack and in fear that my heart-centered purposeful business would never take off and support me financially. Amanda changed it all. Since I started working with her, my business has QUANTUM leaped!

My coaching practice blossomed, now fully booked weeks in advance!! Within the first month of working together, I went from receiving less than $1,000 a month to making a $5,000 month!! I then went on to receive my first five-figure month, as well as consistent clients who have transformed their lives through working with me - AND I am en route to reaching six-figures.

Amanda helped me OWN my gifts and I am forever grateful! As I am still at university, I require to balance creating a profitable business with university time, study time, as well as maintaining my home, enjoying travel, adventure, and relationships in my life! Combining Amanda's highly effective business systems & abundance mindset with my wisdom around the energetics of the manifesting - it was manifesting a-go-go!

My list size has also tripled since we started working together, going from less than 400 to more than 1400 within a short space of less than five months using the tools Amanda teaches in her programs to her clients! I feel so happy that I can now reach more people with my message and my work.

Last week (only five months into working with Amanda), I experienced my first $10,000 week! I am so happy and grateful that I can easily create and receive a minimum of $10,000 every month while working only 3 days a week. Amanda is amazingly gifted in helping women entrepreneurs create masculine structures in business so that we can sit back and receive the prosperity, consistent clients, and fulfilment!

And not only that, my life has transformed in every possible way. I feel so much more confident in showing up fully as who I am, with my gifts, and my relationships, health, fitness, and life continue to sky-rocket as a result.

Today, my business has become a consistent stream of prosperity that supports me in every way. Amanda is a pure genius in laser focusing onto your limiting beliefs and calling them out, creating structures to support you, and holding a high vibration space so that you can end yo' money drama, make more money, and POP in life + biz. I feel like I have become a woman who truly has it all!

Jia Ni Teo
Business Intuitive & Soul Abundance Coach


"Before working with Amanda, I was making $600-$1000 a month. After her End Yo' Money Drama and POP your Biz program, I brought in over $6,000 in just 10 days! I have an in home nanny for my baby and I am moving to a new condo."

"I was facing putting my 8 month old son in daycare so I had time to work and I wanted to move into a bigger place but didn't see how I would be able to afford it. As a result of implementing the tools Amanda taught in her End Your Money Drama and POP Your Biz courses I was able to bring in over $6,000 in just a week and a half. I was making between $600-$1000 per month before that course. I now have my nanny taking care of my son in the next room, have successfully launched my Live Your Vision Board Life online course (starts Feb 11th), hosted my first online conference call, and am moving at the end of the month. My business is skyrocketing and I'm excited to see it continue to grow!"

Cassie Lopez
Intuitive Business and Lifestyle Transformation Coach


Ava Waits“In one month after Amanda’s End Yo’ Money Drama course, I signed on enough clients to account for almost all of my business income from the entire previous year.”

“I used to believe that the world I lived in wasn't always a kind world, especially in regard to money. Nervousness showed up when it was time to pay bills, and I felt like I was never going to make good money in my business, even though I worked very hard. Old financial habits often caused me to spend down to the last dollar, and then I went into fear thinking that money wouldn't be there for me later. Asking a client to pay felt like a disservice that would make them more poor. I had a deep belief that I was set up for failure, and that's why money was so hard to bring into my business. A lot of things have changed since then.

When I was finally ready to end my money drama, the shift in my income was huge and sudden. In one month, I signed on enough clients to account for almost all of my business income from the entire previous year.

Decisions I make now aren't steeped in lack. The way that I ask for the sale comes from a place of service, because I see how by hiring me, my own clients are able to release financial constriction and open up to more of their own prosperity. It's happening for them already, and they are receiving surprise money just as much as I am receiving unexpected income.

I thank Amanda for leading me through this shift, and for being a great example as I released my money drama.”

Ava Waits
"Feed the Source of Your Success" Coach


Melissa Frederick"Hiring her as my coach has been, by far, the best thing I've EVER done for myself!"

“I have been working with Amanda for 1.5 years now.  I began working with her to transform my relationship with my body & food and since it has morphed into work on not only body image, but money & business.

The changes I've made since working with her have been: releasing 30+ lbs, getting rid of limiting beliefs around money and claiming my dream of quitting my job in the corporate world and embarking on a 2 month cross country road trip (which I am currently in the middle of), and starting my own business as a Body Empowerment Coach!  

Amanda has expertise in all of these realms, body, money and biz, and is able to relate and advise on a super deep level due to her experience.  Hiring her as my coach has been, by far, the best thing I've EVER done for myself!”

Melissa Frederick
Body Empowerment Coach


Leigh Medeiros"Amanda's e-courses have changed my life. A recent blog post I wrote about art and money went viral and, within a few days, was read by more than 4600 people in 50 countries."

The “End Yo Money Drama” and “Healthy Wealthy Business School” e-courses have changed my life.

When I found Amanda I’d been grinding away in the arts for nearly twenty years. Many financial mistakes had lead to feeling burned out and broken down.

After going through EYMD I experienced a huge emotional and spiritual shift. For the first time ever I saw clearly the wounds that had lead me to settle for being, thinking and feeling “less than.” With Amanda’s guidance I began to truly understand how we are co-creators with a benevolent universe, allowing me to release old baggage and step into my personal power. I let go of jobs that weren’t serving me, began to pay better attention to abundance in all its forms, and immediately made plans to follow my biggest dream of moving cross country to the desert southwest.

I now understand my heart’s mission to support other artists, and can see clearly how the trials, tribulations and successes poised me to become the perfect mentor to others who are in the position I was once in.  Just two short months ago I launched my online business to support creative people, and I’m stunned by the response. A recent blog post I wrote about art and money went viral and, within a few days, was read by more than 4600 people in 50 countries. It’s lead to a slew of new subscribers and potential clients, and I know this is just the beginning.

Amanda is truly a bright light and clear channel. Her work is framed around money and business, but at its heart is about healing and empowerment. I’m grateful every day that I allowed myself to become aligned with her gifts

Leigh Medeiros
Artist Coach

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